The issue of water supply in Qom and its studies began around 1951 by French and Iranian consulting engineers, and after studies, the Qamroud River route was proposed for digging semi-deep wells, in which several wells were drilled along the river. With the construction of a water supply network made of cast iron and two sections of concrete air tank in 1964, the initial skeleton of the water supply network of Qom was created and as a result, an irrigation department was formed in Qom Municipality.

Over time, due to the development of the network and the increase in population, the number of wells drilled along the river and the outskirts of Qom increased. In 1968, "Qom Water Organization" was established under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Interior. In 1977, water transfer studies started from Aliabad plain and finally in 1980, a number of deep wells were drilled in Aliabad plain and with the construction of transmission line, pumping station and concrete storage tanks, the first relatively fresh water with suitable EC was transferred to Qom. And was put into operation in 1983.

In 1990, the law establishing water and sewage companies was approved by the Islamic Consultative Assembly, and Qom Water and Sewerage Company was established in 1993 as a special joint stock company with the participation of Qom Municipality, Tehran Water and Sewerage Company, Water and Sewerage Engineering Company and Capital. Power Plant was established as one of the satellite water and sewage companies in Tehran province and operated under the supervision of the Ministry of Energy. Accordingly, Qom Water and Sewerage Company (Private Joint Stock Company) was registered on 01/06/1992 under number 1020 in the "Companies Registration and Industrial Property Office of Qom Province" and on 27/10/1992with the transfer of property and assets and Municipal water facilities and a total of 114,425 water subscribers started operating within the framework of the Law on the Establishment of Water and Sewerage Companies and the Commercial Code.

The company, based on the asset revaluation instruction No. 800/58997/72 dated 21/12/1993, at the end of the year 1993on the year 1992, proceeded to evaluate the assets, the surplus of which is reflected as the donated capital.
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